We are 

F for Flower, 

your local florist online, in Putney, London & beyond


We are F for Flower, your small flower business in London, Putney SW15, offering services online, in person as well as delivering local & nationwide.

Event decoration is our favourite part of the job! We aspire to be there in your happiest and brightest moments, like getting married, graduating, welcoming a new family member, your anniversaries, and every single new day that is in itself worth celebrating!

But we also promise to be there in your toughest moments, those moments when life hits us the hardest, and you need a trusted partner to handle this arrangement for you.

We would love to get to know you and be there in your big moments. Let us make the first step by introducing ourselves.

We are Marios and Fani. Marios is an experienced florist and flower arranger, and Fani is a sales and marketing specialist. We are engaged, soon to be married in 2023. We would like to thank you for your support, because every little bit counts for us, for making our dreams come true. 

We were online first.  We started out during the pandemic in 2020, making the first sales online from our home – literally! But we have grown since, offering a range of services from flower arrangements, plants, wreaths, candles, flower subscriptions e.t.c. Check out our Instagram to see our portfolio and custom creations.

You can now find us in Putney! We have opened our first physical store and we are thrilled to be able to meet you in person, hear what you are looking for, and show you the floral creations that we are so passionate about.

We are a small business and we care. A small business but with a huge drive! We work harder, faster, and cheaper. We have grown into making our own physical store and being able to send couriers across the UK. Little things matter to us, like in Nov 2022 when we got our first POS. Or March 2021, when we sent our first order to Scotland. We appreciate that the little things matter to you too and we promise to be there on every occasion of yours to the best of our creative ability.

We are introducing creative collaborations. We have been on the lookout for artists whose creations you would love – to offer you a more complete suite of gifts for your special occasions.  

Do you have any questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Please reach out to us on Instagram or by e-mail.  We are all ears 👂🏼👂🏼